How to join OceanGov?

Become a Working Group Participant

If you are from a country that has accepted the MoU of the our Action you can join us by

a. choosing the Working Group which best matches your research interest

b. send an email to the respective WG Leader as well as the Action Chair Prof. Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge ( .

If both parties confirm that your research foci match the respective Working Group, we are happy to add you to the network.

Please click here for information on our 6 Working Groups.


Become an MC Member / MC Substitute

If your country has already accepted the Action’s MoU,  but has not yet nominated 2 representatives:

a. contact your COST National Coordinator (CNC) who can officially nominate you as a representative of your country to the Management Committee (MC). The CNC can also nominate Action MC substitutes (up to three) to replace Action MC members at Action MC meetings.

b. it is also recommended that you inform the Chair of the Action of your interest.

Happy networking!