Action Styleguides

OceanGov Styleguide

For the OceanGov Action and all its participants, a consistent appearance in network-related representations, such as print media, posters, websites etc., is of great importance and required by COST regulations. Therefore please make sure to follow these guidelines when using the OceanGov Logo and Color Coding. For questions regarding the use of the COST Logo please refer to

OceanGov Logo

Two versions of the OceanGov Logo may be used depending on the available space. Please make sure that also the smaller font “European Cost Action” is readable under all conditions.

OceanGov Logo – Small version

OceanGov Logo – Wide version


COST Logo – Blue – 300 dpi

COST Logo – White – 300 dpi

If any other file formats are needed, please contact the OceanGov Coordination Office: .

Color Coding

For OceanGov related designs please use the following colors as central color elements only.

OceanGov Blue: R=0, G=154, B=198 (#009AC6)

OceanGov Green: R=52, G=189, B=193 (#34C6C1)