OceanGov in the Media

May 2018

Television Interview with ZDF by Anna-K Hornidge, May 17

“Kurzinterview zu Elisabeth Mann Borgese’s Prinizipien in der heutigen Meeresforschung”. Language: German.

January 2018

Article by the University of Malta Newspoint about the OceanGov conference in Tenerife, January 8

Maltese researchers collaborate in Ocean Governance for Sustainability“. Language: English

December 2017

Radio discussion with Radio Bremen by Achim Schlüter, Dorothea Seeger, Sigrid Rakow, Ronny Meyer and Lars Gutow, December 6

Plastikmüll-Endlager Ozean Gefahr duch Abermillionen Tonnen Kunststoff“. Language: German

November 2017

Article about Tenerife Conference in El DÍA, November 16

Científicos abordan la gobernanza de los océanos“. Language: Spain

October 2017

Radio interview with Bayern 2 by Anna-Katharina Hornidge, October 6

Saubere Meere – der Beitrag der Our Ocean Konferenz“. Language: German

June 2017

Quotation in Journal de l’environnement by Julien Rochette, June 12

L’ONU rate son rendez-vous avec les océans”. Language: French

Radio interview with Deutschlandfunk (DLF) by Sebastian Unger, June 09

Gipfel für die Meere. Bilanz der ersten UN-Ozean-Konferenz in New York”. Language: German

Quotation in Reporterre by Julien Rochette, June 08

Les Nations unies s’attaquent à la surpêche dans les oceans”. Language: French

Radio interview with Westdeutscher Rundfunk 5 (WDR5) by Sebastian Unger, June 06

UN-Konferenz: Wie kann man die Meere besser schützen?”. Language: German

Interview with Deutsche Welle (DW) by Sebastian Unger, June 06

Our oceans need a government, too”. Language: English

Radio interview with Deutschlandradio Kultur by Sebastian Unger, June 05

UN-Ozean-Konferenz: Wie kann nachhaltige Nutzung funktionieren?”. Language: German

Interview with Monaco Channel by Julien Rochette, June 02

Quelle gouvernance pour l’océan au XXIème siècle”. Language: French

Article at World Economic Forum, Global Agenda by Sebastian Unger, June 02

Want to protect the oceans? Time to consider the wider world of development”. Language: English

Article at Council for Science (ICSU) Blog by Barbara Neumann and Sebastian Unger, June 02

Want to protect the oceans? Time to consider the wider world of development“. Language: English

Article at IISD SDG Knowledge Hub, Commentary by Barbara Neumann and Sebastian Unger, June 02

Want to protect the oceans? Don’t get stuck underwater”. Language: English

Article at IISD SDG Knowlede Hub, Commentary by Anne-Sophie Stevance, Barbara Neumann and Sebastian Unger, June 02

Focus on Interactions to Make the SDGs a Success: Our Key Messages for the Ocean Conference”. Language: English

Newspaper interview in Sud-Ouest by Julien Rochette, June

“Le risque du désert maritime”. Language: French

May 2017

Talk at re:publica 2017 by Sebastian Unger, May 16

Advancing ocean governance for sustainability”. Language: English

Article in The Conversation by Julien Rochette, May 2

April 2017

Radio discussion with Antje Boetius, Ulrich Bathmann and Sebastian Unger, April 27

Kraken, Korallen und Plastikstrudel – Lebensraum Ozean“. Language: German

March 2017

Radio interview with Robert Stojanov, March 27

Pres cáru: Lidé migrují kvuli životnímu prostredí. I jim severané priznávají status uprchlíku“. Language: Czech.

Article in Libération by Julien Rochette, March 22

Mélanchon prend la mer“. Language: French.

Kick-off Conference March 6-8, 2017 in Bremen

The Ocean Governance for Sustainability Conference that took place in Bremen from March 6-8, 2017 has found some echo in the media. The official press release can be found here (ENG/ GER).
The Pressedienst Bremen reported prior to the conference on the conference’s framework (in German only).
Mundus maris gives a summarizing overview including reports on several individual talks.
innovations report gave a quick event notification (German only).
An emphasize on the integrative approach can be found in the Future Earth Coasts conference report.

February 2017

Interview with Anna-Katharina Hornidge, February 27

Die Zukunft der Weltmeere sichern“. Language : German