Land-Sea Interactions

Photo: José Pascual-Fernández

Coordinator: Achim SCHLUETER

Coordinator: Maria Natasa VAIDIANU

WG Leaders: Prof. Dr. Achim Schlüter & Dr. Maria Natasa Vaidianu

Interdependencies and interactions taking place at the land-sea interphases steadily increase under the current complex global scenarios. The geomorphological and ecological interdependent patterns (e.g., sediment transfer, nutrient flows from catchment areas) also relate to social, economic and technological linkages, like the ones present at developing infrastructures, or at harvesting agriculture produce (e.g., bananas, grapes) heavily reliant on well-functioning maritime logistics. Under this perspective, governance of oceanic systems need to be interwoven, and communication, participation and joint planning need to take place. This necessity remains, however, as a major challenge to this day. Sustainability issues and vulnerabilities are differently perceived, since the world views are fundamentally different. Dive tourism operators, subsistence fishers, multinational aquaculture, or fruit companies, sewage works, small rice paddy farmers, just to mention a few examples, are interdependent at the land sea nexus and need to interact to achieve sustainable governance.

Some critical questions that influence the thematic focus of this working group are: Which interdependencies and interactions are taking place at the interphase land-sea? How are they (unidirectional or by-directional)? What are the pressures and impacts produced by climate change and human actions? How important is the alignment between marine and terrestrial planning? To what extent the policy guidance, plans and decisions are consistent? What are the interactions in the social, ecological and economic realms? What are the fundamental differences between the various ecological, technological, and social subsystems? How are they reflected and need to be reflected within the resulting governance systems? And what does this imply for joint governance?


Country Surname Firstname Title
Italy Depellegrin Daniel Dr.
Germany Alff Henryk Dr.
Israel Alterman Rachelle Prof.
Israel Augustowski Mabel
Norway Barton David Dr.
Italy Busetti Martina Dr.
Italy Cerqueti Roy Prof.
Norway Christie Hartvig
Portugal Costa Cátia Miriam
Australia Daniell Katherine Dr.
Israel De Le Sala Safira
Spain de Vente Joris Dr.
Serbia Dimitrovski Darko Dr.
Greece Economou Agisilaos Dr.
United Kingdom Flannery Wesley Dr.
Spain Garcia-Orellana Jordi Dr.
United Kingdom Germond-Duret Celine Dr.
Italy Guerra Roberta Dr.
Ireland Holm Poul Prof.
Germany Hornidge Anna-Katharina Prof.
Norway James Philip Dr.
Netherlands Kangeri Arno
Cyprus Kathijotes Nicholas Prof.
Poland Kaulbarsz Dorota
Germany Kaymaz Ipek
Germany Klepp Silja Prof.
Ukraine Korol Eleonora Dr.
Bulgaria Kotsev Iliyan
Ireland Lawlor Paul J.
Ireland Le Tissier Martin Dr.
Portugal Lillebø Ana Dr.
Spain Llope Marcos Dr.
Spain Martinez Lopez Javier Dr.
Germany Nelson Katie
Germany Neumann Barbara Dr.
Ireland O'Hagan Anne Marie Dr.
Germany Partelow Stefan
Bulgaria Peev Preslav Dr.
Australia Pilbeam Victoria
Germany Plass Simon Dr.
Norway Platjouw Froukje Dr.
Portugal Polónia Amélia Prof.
Israel Portman Michelle E. Dr.
Ireland Ronan Marisa Dr.
Spain Ruiz Ana
Germany Schlueter Achim Prof.
Germany Siriwardane Rapti
Czech Republic Štěpánková Lucie
Czech Republic Stojanov Robert Dr.
Romania Tatui Florin Dr.
Israel Teschner Naam Dr.
Slovenia Turk Valentina Prof.
Poland Uscinovicz Grzegorz Dr.
Romania Vaidianu Maria Natasa Dr.
Ukraine Vergolyas Maya Dr.
Germany Walsh Cormac Dr.