Nutrition Security and Food Systems

Photo: José Pascual-Fernández

Coordinator: Maarten BAVINCK

Coordinator: Juan L. SUÁREZ-DE VIVERO

WG Leaders: Prof. Dr. Maarten Bavinck & Prof Dr. Juan L. Suárez de Vivero

The nutritional properties of seafood make it valuable to the health of millions of poor consumers in LMIC (HLPE 2014). While global capture fisheries are under continuing duress, they contribute strongly to food and nutritional security (WorldBank /FAO/WorldFish 2012). Yet, “limited attention has been given to fish as a key element in food security and nutrition strategies […] As a result, the tremendous potential for improving food security and nutrition embodied in strengthening the fishery and aquaculture sectors is missed” (Bene et al. 2015, 261).

This working group is interested in looking at the challenges in enhancing global fish chains (Kooiman et al. 2005) for the benefit of food and nutrition security. It includes capture fisheries as well as aquaculture, and considers options for improving the interaction between these sub-sectors. It also investigates the linkages between food security and geopolitical instability. Despite the fact that fisheries and aquaculture only make a limited contribution to feeding the world (no more than 10% of all the calories consumed) and over half of the world’s fish catches are taken from less than 7% of the oceans, stagnating marine food production is exacerbating geopolitical risks, especially for the poverty-stricken coastal populations of western Africa and south-east Asia (UNEP, 2009). The maritime strategies formulated in recent years are a reflection of this situation, both in the developed (e.g., EU Maritime Strategy) and the developing world (2050 AIM Strategy), and fisheries governance is becoming a factor that, by way of food security, has implications for national security, with States’ geopolitical facet becoming increasingly closely linked to their maritime dimension.


Country Surname Firstname Title
Germany Barragan Paladines Maria Jose Dr.
Netherlands Bavinck Maarten Prof.
Germany Buck Bela H. Prof.
Ireland Casal Pascual Gema Dr.
Spain Florido del Corral David Dr.
Portugal Galhano Victor M. F. Dr.
Portugal Gonçalves Ana Marta
Netherlands Kraan Marloes Dr.
Germany Krause Gesche Dr.
Norway Overa Ragnhild Dr.
Germany Schadeberg Amanda
Netherlands Scholtens Joeri Dr.
Spain Suárez de Vivero Juan L. Prof.